How I went off the sheep end.

I am a shepherd, OB/GYN and head scratcher to four Katahdin sheep, two sweet ewe’s and two goofy rams.  I wrangle 7 hens and a rooster named Rex, and I’m the pet of a Mini Donkey named Jack. It’s crazy to look back on after knowing just 5 years ago I was a very single mother to my son. With no desire to marry or date, to tie myself down or put anything other than my son above my nursing career. But then I re-met Steven, the boy I dated once in high school, and things changed rather quickly.  After about 6 months of dating, we married and immediately had 2 girls. We all lived in my cramped bachelorette pad of about 1000 sq feet sitting on around 0.2 acres. Then as divine power would have it, as it always does in my life, we were introduced to a two story rancher family home on 5 acres.  Long story short…we bought it. The first thing we did was throw in a garden. Then we bought baby chicks. We  also bought an old tractor and just jumped right in!

Life change number 2 happened when my husband called from one of his many overnight trips… “I want to buy sheep. No, hear me out!  I just ate lamb at this restaurant across from the hotel and we could totally do this!”  And so it began.  I believe we bought our ewe’s when he came home. Two sweet, very scared, little girls.  Of course we needed to breed them, so he went off a few months later to buy a ram. Why did he come home with TWO rams?? A good deal. So here we are.  But wait!  We need something to guard these poor sheep.  A donkey!  Thanks to Craig’s List, we traveled a little over 2 hours to get Jack. Our awesome, funny, attitudinal mini donkey.

We’ve worked at expanding usable land for pasture and we’ve quickly gotten the makings of a real life farm!  Many many changes have continued, which I will share. Many changes will come. So why Off the Sheep End?  Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you they have watched with mouths agape as I’ve slowly, but surely, went off the deep end. Join me on the journey of my amazing accidental farming life.

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