Very short blog of recent knowledge.

I have learned over the recent weeks these things.  Let them be of help to the jump in and go kinda people like myself and my husband.

1. Only plant 5 plants of both zucchini and yellow squash, not two very long rows. Unless, of course, you have a huge family to feed or unlimited freezer space.

2. Only plant two rows of okra, and space the rows FOUR feet apart and the plants a foot apart. (We planted 4 rows we thought were 3 feet apart and the seeds only a few inches from each other. Then when they weren’t coming up, I was afraid the seeds were washed away, so I replanted a bunch. THEY ALL CAME UP. We have an estimated 150 plants, not counting the ones I replanted.)

3. Wear long sleeved shirt when digging around short okra plants to cut the fruit. I came away with countless bumps on my inner forearms from pushing the leaves out of the way. Some formed pustules. There are tiny needle like things that aren’t comfortable. I don’t know what they are, but they are very irritating. Today I wore a long sleeve shirt and didn’t have the issue.

3. When okra plants are wet, you get slimy. Just like when you cut the okra. I had to wash my hair twice.

4. Hens do better with a rooster. Since Rex’s unexpected passing, my hens have turned stupid, and they aren’t laying regularly. It doesn’t help that the coop is overwhelmed with flies.

5. Pumpkins left to rot in the ground will sprout the next year. We now have giant pumpkins in July and of course won’t have any in october… again.

That’s it for now. Knowledge is power.

2 thoughts on “Very short blog of recent knowledge.

  1. I usually over plant my okra and then thin it out once it comes up. I would rather have too much okra than not enough. Really though, I never consider okra a vegetable you can have too much of. 😉 (You do soak the seeds in water overnight before you plant them, don’t you?)
    You can freeze pureed pumpkin and still have good pumpkin for pies come October and November. Sunflowers will volunteer year after year like that too.

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