Flight of the bumblebee. ….

I wish I had video. I wish I had photo. I would settle for audio.  I was chased, lovingly, by a bumblebee this evening while hanging fly bait.
Ahem. Ok, so it goes like this:  Flies are a torment for livestock. Mainly because they sleep and greet in their body wastes….even when there are many poopless  places to sleep. It’s as if poop just falls out of their butts even while sleeping. So flies love my sheep and donkey, which can lead to flystrike. They love where my chickens roost, which makes my chickens go on strike and not lay eggs like normal. So I buy hanging fly traps and hang them around the gathering spot and on the coop.
Ever smell the stuff you squirt inside? ? Hard to describe, but it’s not pleasant. Flies love it. Within minutes I have swimmers.
Tonight I was surprised at what this scent attracts. I had a lightening bug  (firefly for you city folk) land on my hand and wouldn’t fly away.
Then I heard it.  The deep buzz that every single country girl knows. The flight of the bumblebee. It invaded my space so quickly, my scream sent the flock flying like deer. By instinct, I sent it smacking to the floor. Poor thing. Took it awhile, but it found its way back, twice, to the fly traps. Once I hung them I thought my worries were over. Nope. Not only did I get it on my hands, but I rubbed it in my hair. .. The bumblebee was in love.
It wasn’t aggressive, but hovered around my head like a love struck fool.
It followed me around the dern barnyard! Picture me bobbing and weaving and swatting at some invisible thing.  My sheep must have gotten a kick out of it, because after I escaped, I looked back to see them all, donkey included, standing together staring at me.


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