so many new things!

There’s the two chicks hatched last month who are looking like velociraptors. There’s the new chicks, Yin and Yang, who are sweet cuddle bugs. The bees, which we just added their second story to their hive. Then there’s the weaning Neo.
Weaning is not the easiest thing with a bottle lamb. Neo thinks I’m his mother. He loves me, and he clings to me when he’s around me. He breaks through the electric fencing and stands at our back door yelling for me. Ever heard a desperate lamb cry? It’s pitiful. So if you’re a neighbor, and have no clue what’s going on, you’ll think the lamb is surely being neglected. Sheep can do a spot on dying act. Especially when they want their grain. They act like right crack heads!
My husband is learning so much about bees. I’ll let him blog about it, then post it here. I’m really not sure my mind can hold anymore knowledge right now, so the bees are for him!


New story added to the mansion.

I’ve learned how to determine the sex of my baby chicks. Surprisingly to me, it’s by their feathers! (I posted a video)
So I think I have two hens and two roosters.
I also have a blog dedicated to incubating eggs for people like me, coming soon.


Yin and Yang

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