He ain’t no mini donkey!

He’s a LAP donkey! Or at least he thinks so! Gotta love that crazy guy. His name is Jackson and he’s so full of character it’s hard to explain. You can read about donkey’s 122and their personalities all over the web. It’ll be true! We had to sedate him for his hoof trimming. Now that would be a fun blog, if I could capture the essence of how things went down from the beginning. Since I know I can’t do that, I wont ruin the great story by trying to recreate it in the written form.

When we first got him, I really had no interest other than hoping nothing would eat our sheep and chickens if we got him. Supposed to be great guard animals. Steve saw one named Otis when he bought Romeo and Merc. That donkey actually rounded up the sheep and brought them to the owner. We had to shove Jack’s stubborn ass into the trailer when we picked him up. Took him a couple of good weeks before he warmed up to us. Now he’s in love! He has great instinct and he’s tender with the lambs. After Blue was born he stood guard and was hesitant about even letting me 173near them. We have three lambs total now and they all hang with their uncle Jack. He even tolerates the chickens now. After we got my sister’s two hens, he knew they weren’t supposed to be there and he actually chased one of them for a while.

I remember when Steve decided we were buying a donkey. I wish I could say I scoffed…but by this time I was used to his hatched ideas that turned out to be passions of MINE! Nothing less with Jackson. If I’m standing with my side facing him, and I bend over to pet a lamb, he lays his whole head across my upper back/neck and snuggles into my hair. He lays his head on my chest with his soft nose under my chin and just stares at me. He loves having his big ol’ ears scratched. He’s a brat. I love my life. I love my animals. I love this big stinky Jackass.





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