Education Never Stops, Kids.

As I sit here this morning, eating my scrambled eggs and drinking my coffee, I’m going over the things I learned yesterday. Learning never stops. Hopefully. If you have stopped learning at least one new thing every single day, you need to get out more. Get out of your zone of comfort and do something new every single day. It might not always be something you WANT to learn, but by God you’ll learn.

Yesterday I learned:

  1. To let go of my girls. My mother in law offered to keep them overnight. This made me nervous for Sophie because she is now in the clingy mommy needing stage. She’s not sleeping like she used to. She’s not even eating like she used to. I was afraid, like I used to be with Livi, that she would be devastated by missing me. No, she wasn’t. She loves her Mamaw and I know she needs that time away from me. Those girls are with me 24/7. No lie, no joke. They need to know I’m coming back. Livi has learned that, Sophie has not. I think after Sophie realized her worst nightmare of me walking out the door and leaving, and saw that it was still ok, she became ok with it. They need to be with someone who isn’t stressed out, and someone with a cool, calming personality. My mother in law is just that.
  2. I can’t plant straight rows. My husband marks off the garden into straight rows with poles and string. We plant those rows so that we know where seeds are going to come up. He plants under this string with no problem. He kneels beside the rows like a kid playing with toys. It’s the cutest thing. I plant like a kid who has way too much to do to be planting a garden. I mean ,I take my time, but it doesn’t look like it! I put my hands in the dirt and fluff it up. By doing that I learned how warm the dirt is. Was like a warm blanket to cuddle the seeds! (giggle) Then I put in my marker and start lovingly planting and covering seeds. Then I realize I’ve colored outside the lines and start planting back toward the string. Then I noticed I’ve gone too far off the other way and start planting back the other way, and so it goes. I make nice curvy lines. Oh, and the poles and strings I put up…they are no more even than the rest of my planting. Sorry Steve. I try.
  3. You HAVE to give your chickens a good source of calcium. My chickens free range. By that, I really mean they free range. I don’t clip wings so they can better get away from bad things while ranging. They are spoiled birds. Fat and happy spoiled birds. I give them pellets, they hate them. I give them crumble, they tolerate it. I figured since they were foraging all day long, they would have everything they needed. So I didn’t worry as much about their diet as I did the sheep. Wrong. I was getting a soft shelled egg every day, and the other eggs were so fragile they started breaking when I picked them up. I bought a bag of oyster shell and only after putting it out for two days, my eggs are stronger and, so far, no soft ones. I also learned how heavy a bag of oyster shell is. It’s heavy.
  4. I need time away from my kids. Overnight time. It was nice to sit up and watch my shows live with a glass of wine and no one to disturb me. JOKING.  I watched two of the shows I record and it wasn’t until 10pm that I was showered and sitting on the couch with my big glass of water that I got to watch them. Then I fell asleep halfway through one and found myself on the couch at 2am. Exactly the time Livi would have woken me up to go pee and get some “cold milk”. I then crawled into bed and woke up at 730am. I forced myself back to sleep and didn’t get up til noon. Now I’ve lost most of my day I had planned and I have to rush to get the girls, get Seth from school and go take money to my sister for the bees we’re buying. I haven’t learned organization yet, but I have learned I need time away from my kids. I feel relaxed and the start over button was pushed.
  5. Big ol’ farm chickens hatch much better chicks than factory chickens. My two backyard chicks are far more advanced physically and mentally than the Tractor Supply chicks we started out with. (Three of which I still have. Millie, Tillie and Maude)  These two chicks, a Brahma and Barred Rock, have already gotten their flying wings. The box they are in has over a foot height in sides and they are flying out of it. They have been scratching from almost day 1. The Brahma is so big! I hope I can learn how to have a hen go broody. That’s my ultimate goal with my chickens.
  6. Packaging samples of facial scrub in cute little envelopes with nice notes and sending through the mail is not a good idea. At least two of the samples burst during shipping. No doubt from a big ol’ box being slammed on them. They’re just cards, right???  I’m a consultant for Rodan and Fields. I’ve used their stuff since the late 90’s (Proactive) and now I use their adult lines. I fell absolutely in love with the Micro Dermabrasion Paste. So I sent samples out to 10 friends. So far 1 has completely busted it’s guts all over with no hope of redemption, and 1 has just leaked some out of one of the sides. I need to learn to market. I need to learn proper shipping. Loving a product isn’t enough. I learned that too.
  7. Broccoli does NOT like hot sun beating down on it’s brow. Mine were doing so good! Big ol’ heads growing. Then after all the hotness these past few days, they shot up and have flowered. Boo Hiss! I learned that is “Bolting”. My dear friend Connie taught me a lot about broccoli last night via email. I love her. One day soon I’ll love my broccoli.

Today, so far, has been uneventful. Other than the fact I haven’t spent my time wisely. I didn’t get the cereal vacuumed off the floors and I didn’t get the kitchen cleaned. I’ve had loads of time to do this, but chose to sleep. I don’t regret that. My husband will just have to forgive me when he gets home and gets Fruity Pebbles stuck to his feet. Doesn’t matter. I’ve learned over the past few years that he loves me no matter what. He tolerates me like no one has ever tolerated me. He’s taught me to love the right way. Not the love you have for your kids. There’s no love like that. Or for your parents. That’s a different love as well. But the love for another random human being who isn’t related to you, hopefully, in any way. I still have my single woman issues that most likely will never go away, but I’ve come leaps and bounds with trust and submission and letting go. I’m happier for it. On that note, I’ll end this so I can go now and cram 3 hours worth of stuff into 2. In my soul I’m still an ER nurse, so yes, I can do that.

Go learn something!!!!

2 thoughts on “Education Never Stops, Kids.

  1. It’s always good to go out of your comfort zone and learn something new (I’m good at preaching this, not so much at doing )
    The first time any of my boys stayed away overnight I worried so much and struggled to sleep, I think they cope better with it than we do. Single woman issues can be hard too but the right man helps in a big way, especially with the trust issues.
    I’ve not been reading your blog for long but I’m certainly learning a lot, so thank you for sharing

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