so many new things!

There’s the two chicks hatched last month who are looking like velociraptors. There’s the new chicks, Yin and Yang, who are sweet cuddle bugs. The bees, which we just added Continue Reading →

Watch “Sexing chicks…(THE REAL PROFESSIONAL WAY!!!)wit…” on YouTube

Sexing chicks…(THE REAL PROFESSIONAL WAY!!!)wit…:

Education Never Stops, Kids.

As I sit here this morning, eating my scrambled eggs and drinking my coffee, I’m going over the things I learned yesterday. Learning never stops. Hopefully. If you have stopped Continue Reading →

He ain’t no mini donkey!

He’s a LAP donkey! Or at least he thinks so! Gotta love that crazy guy. His name is Jackson and he’s so full of character it’s hard to explain. You Continue Reading →

Passively Productive

Today has been a day of getting some dirty stuff done. I’m not gonna lie,  Steve has been busy! I can’t help it, there are things I just won’t do Continue Reading →

New Chicks on the Block

My sister dropped off two trouble hens she had.  Her ladies have bald butts and stress issues and she thinks these two are the bad eggs. We moved them down Continue Reading →