Baby Blue

At 8:10 am on March 9, Little Bit had her baby. She had a precious baby girl. She weighed about 9lbs. She’s solid white, blue eyes (hence her name), with absolutely no other color anywhere on her body. She’s the picture of health. Way to go Merc!
LB is the best mommy! She was nursing and licking Blue immediately. What a relief after the disaster with Scaredy Cat.

Immediately after delivery

Immediately after delivery

I wish I could have watched the birth, but at the same time it makes me so happy that she did it completely alone and out in the open and with absolutely no help. The hay barn was mostly set up already. My amazing husband had just finished installing my pallet fence and mounting my lights. Fresh straw and hay had been set up. Thank goodness because I was alone with Livi and Sophie. Sophie does fine, but since the time Livi and Jack had a face to face screaming contest, she hasn’t wanted to go into the barnyard.

So after coaxing Livi to sit on the hay behind the fence, I loaded Sophie in my Ergo carrier on my back and set to work. I set grain out trying to get Jack away from Momma and baby, but unexpectedly Little Bit ran over to it leaving Blue alone. Perfect. I walked over and picked her up and brought her to the barn and started my newbie exam. I’m not going to lie about being thrilled to find she was a ewe and not a ram. I didn’t want to put my first ever lamb into the freezer. Now when Little Bit remembered she had a baby, she walked back to the birthing spot, sniffing and calling lightly. When she got no response, utter fear set upon her face. She was in a literal panic trying to find her baby. It was there I saw the universal connection of Mother and Baby. The look I saw on her face just can’t be explained. I felt like crap for doing that. Oh I rushed right up there with Blue and held her out until LB caught on and followed us into the barn where I was able to gate them in for a few days.

Blue under the warming light drying her fur.

Blue under the warming light drying her fur. Molasses in the water for momma.

For the first day all she did was nurse and sleep. I’m impressed with how they hit the ground and stand immediately! Everything happens…immediately!
The very next day, only a few more than 24 hours old, and she figured out how to walk through the gate, so Steve attached a mesh fence to it. Over the next day she bounced around and hopped and played and nuzzled all over LB’s face. It was the sweetest thing to watch. I knew I needed to let them out soon, but I dreaded it. That close, safe, warm time is precious to them, even though they have no idea. I wanted to have a very large sheep farm, but this make me want to keep it kinda small. It’s intimate and full of love. But, alas…. She may have been about 4 days old when I let them out into ‘population’  😉  But after a couple days her ears became fat, warm and droopy, so I put them back into the barn for another few days just to make sure she was ok. After all I’ve read and this being her one and only symptom, I decided it must have been an allergy to something she ate. Who knows.

Almost a week old and her ears became fat and droopy.

Almost a week old and her ears became fat and droopy.

Jack. Sweet Jack. He was there during the birth and stayed right beside LB. He sniffed

Jack standing guard.

Jack standing guard.

the lamb from nose to tail and for a bit, wouldn’t let me go to them. He put himself between us and would kinda push against me.
It’s funny to watch the lamb try to do what her mommy does. LB eats from her grain bowl and baby will put her nose in the bowl, but has no idea what to do. This is why lambs get their fear or their security of things through their mother. They do everything they do, they go everywhere they go.

Blue is three weeks old now. She’s gotten so big! She chases the chickens all over and drives her momma crazy. Little Bit is a helicopter mom. She’ll stand and yell for Blue as long as it takes to get her to come running. Then she sniffs all over her to make sure she’s ok. Its’s really funny to watch sometimes. I love them. I’m so happy with Katahdin’s.  I can’t wait for more fluffy babies!


The perfect mom

The perfect mom and 3 wk old baby Blue

3 thoughts on “Baby Blue

  1. This is the first post of yours I’ve read, but I have gone back and read the rest. They were really incredible, especially with photos and video. Please provide more. I found a link to you through AR Shaw’s recent blog. I’m a big fan of your husband, but I don’t remember him giving a plug for Off the Sheep End. Would love to hear everything and anything about the farm. I didn’t see a way to subscribe to your blog. Sign me up if you can……Carol

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much! This is so unprofessional because I was just desperate for a place to unload all of my stress and a place to document all the things I’m learning. You have no idea how much your comment has meant to me! I have so many drafts because before I can actually get things put together, the girls are all over me, and at night I can’t stay awake to finish! I’ll have Steve help me to see about subscribing. I never thought about that!

  2. I’m glad my comments encouraged you. You must have so many experiences to share about the farm. Your visuals are great. A blog is an exceptional idea. Just remember you don’t always have to post a work of art each time like you’ve been doing. You have a busy life. Maybe consider short little posts. They will still be entertaining. I’ve saved you to my favorites and will check in regularly.
    Don’t expect much help from your husband. His website is impossible to find. I couldn’t find it doing a google search of his name, but I rarely go beyond the first page of a search. Then I searched “Homefront by Bird” and found it. He didn’t provide a way to subscribe to his blog either.
    So……….. both of you need website advice. I know it can be expensive, but paying for the basics might be worth it. It seems to me that I read that Bobby Akart(a colleage of your husband’s) and his wife do websites. They are responsible for Steven Konkoly’s improved website. They also have a small farm in Tennesee.
    Tell your husband I really liked the EDGE OF CIVILITY and posted a review last night.

    I want the both of you to succeed. Best of luck.

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