Chicken Little Attitude

My two success stories already have their own personalities.  The black and yellow one,  I’m assuming is a barred rock, is feisty and aggressive. Alpha? Rooster? Scared? The yellow with Continue Reading →

Success! !

Looky here! ! After incubating over 20 eggs,  we finally had success!  There are 6 more eggs that were completely dark when candled that haven’t hatched,  and I’m just not Continue Reading →

Counting Chickens.

I have no photos for the meat of this post. I have no real idea as to where this post will even go. It’s been uncharted waters for me over Continue Reading →

Baby Blue

At 8:10 am on March 9, Little Bit had her baby. She had a precious baby girl. She weighed about 9lbs. She’s solid white, blue eyes (hence her name), with Continue Reading →