Hoof Trimming


Romeo watching Mercutio getting trimmed.


Our first time trimming hooves. It was so much easier than I thought. The hardest part was actually finding my tools! I’ve found that Tractor Supply and Co-Op are both limited on sheep only supplies; which is fine, we learn to deal with multipurpose tools that way. I went without the knife, because even though I’m ambidextrous in many ways, I don’t think I would trust myself with a left handed knife both places had remaining. I couldn’t find trimming clippers so I settled for small pruning shears.

Our boys were easy-peasy. Romeo, the curious non-dominant male, basically rolled over. Stinky boys! I’ll leave it at that. Mercutio, the dominant ram, was a bit tougher to get down, but again, easy to work with. The girls????  HA! Steve had to catch Little Bit in the air as she jumped like a deer out of the hay barn. One week later…yes…one week later, we got Scaredy Cat in the chicken coop and trimmed her. She’s always sweet as pie once caught. Let me say that again: Once Caught!  “Shew that was rough!  Damn… we forgot to worm her!  Oh well.”

This is my favorite go-to site for health info. CLICK HERE  This gives great info on hooves and the diseases you may encounter.

If you need a visual on the actual trimming process, YouTube has many many tutorials. I choose NOT to clip the front of the hooves straight across like many say to do.  I’ve heard it leads to cracking.


Jack watching over the trimming. He never left his post.


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